We are at a time of year when numerous miracle diets tend to flourish that promise to make us lose a lot of weight for very little effort. An issue that, at present, is reinforced with the massive arrival of numerous detox regimes that, in addition to losing weight itself, focus on intensive cleansing of the digestive system.

One of the most striking cases is that of the oatmeal diet, a food routine that revolves around one of the most complete cereals that exist, thanks to its excellent diuretic and digestive properties.

Preparation of an oatmeal detox diet

  • It is a five-day diet with a low caloric intake, which promises an approximate loss of one kilo per day. The basic diet of this routine focuses on a preparation consisting of mixing three tablespoons of oats in a cup of water or skimmed milk. In order to give you a little more variety, this regime also allows the consumption of fresh cheeses, fruits, vegetables and low-fat yogurt. Let’s see an example menu.
  • At breakfast a fruit to choose between oranges, strawberries, pineapple, papaya or grapes and the oatmeal preparation; at mid-morning a mixed vegetable salad seasoned with oil, lemon and salt; at lunch a grilled fish or white meat and a green tea; at snack an apple or a pear sweetened with a small amount of honey or a whole grain cereal bar; at dinner oatmeal preparation. If we are hungry, we can add a little more oats in this last meal.
  • It must be borne in mind that this oatmeal detox diet is extremely restrictive in terms of the contribution of the main macronutrients. In fact, by stopping consuming complex carbohydrates such as pasta, rice or potatoes, the routine allows a type of weight loss that has a greater risk of suffering a rebound effect later. To avoid this setback, we recommend visiting a nutrition professional beforehand.


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