Detox diets represent one of the oldest food trends in the world of nutrition, that of miracle diets. These are plans that not only promise rapid weight loss but also ensure that we can clean and purify the interior of our body.

However, many experts have raised their voices emphasizing the possible dangers that following a routine of this type can have for a person’s body. The potential source of energy in the form of huge amounts of fruit and vegetables can become a way of manifestly weakening our body.

The detox diet as a source of weakness

  • The main problem that detox diets present lies in their own dietary configuration. It must be borne in mind that these are regimens that do without a multitude of products that are essential for the health of our body.
  • Foods that contain very important macronutrients such as proteins or carbohydrates. In this way, this type of eating routine bases its operation on the massive intake of both fruits and vegetables -whether through juices or smoothies. This eminently unbalanced nutritional disposition can pose, in the medium term, problems for physical level.
  • This precariousness in the form of food intake can progressively diminish our body to the point of beginning to develop symptoms such as headaches, stomach abnormalities and physical weakness.
  • In fact, nutritionists do not recommend, under any circumstances, adopting a diet based on juices and shakes for more than two days in a row, since the mentioned sequelae could even get worse.
  • Situations like the ones described should make us reflect on the use we give to diets. Food is a very important tool since it can help us feel healthy and energetic, but the distribution of nutrients must be adequate taking into account the needs of our own body. Otherwise, we run the risk of achieving the opposite state to the one we are after: accumulating more fat and feeling less energetic.


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