In this article, we are going to discuss the dangers of detox diets for teenagers.

Detox diets are not recommended for teens because teens are still growing, they need lots of essential nutrients such as enough calories and protein to support normal growth and boost energy levels.

So diets that involve fasting and severe restriction of food such as a detox diet are not a good idea for teenagers.

Although detox diets have a fairly long past under other cleansing regimen methods, the truth is that, until a few years ago, there began to be a true promotional explosion both in print media and on the internet.

Detox diets eliminate toxins, chemicals, or poison that cause harmful effects on the body. You can consume toxic substances from food or water, from chemicals used to preserve or prepare food, and even from the air we breathe.

The body processes those toxins with the help of organs like the liver and kidneys and eliminates them through urine (pee), feces (poop), and sweat from the skin via daily exercise.

There are different types of detox diets, most aimed at eliminating processed foods and other foods, like dairy, gluten, red meat, and caffeine.

Some include fasting, which implies you won’t eat anything for hours or days just intake of fruit juice. Some allow smoothies, protein shakes, or other drinks to help eliminate toxins from your body.

Some detox diets permit colonic irrigation or enemas to “cleanse” the colon. Others recommend certain teas or supplements to aid the “purification” process.

Dangers Of Detox Diets For Teenagers

#1. Detox diets lack essential nutrients.

As teens, your body needs essential nutrients to carry out proper functions, and the intake of healthy fat, protein, and carbohydrates is paramount daily.

Dangers Of Detox Diets For Teenagers

Starting a detox diet which is consuming just a liquid diet, such as a juice cleanse, will deprive teenagers bodies of the essential nutrients they require for healthy growth.

It can also reduce your metabolism rate which leads to overweight or obesity as a young teenager.

#2. Causes gas, diarrhea, and lightheadedness.

When a teen starts a detox diet there are symptoms they experience due to lack of nutrients and strength.

These symptoms are not healthy signs and can lead to health complications or emergencies. A Lot of teens who start a “detox diet ” or cleanse complain about disturbing symptoms.

This shows the body is in distress and not getting healthier. Eating a varied, well-balanced diet every day is the best way to encourage better health for teenagers.

#3. Rapid and unhealthy weight loss

Teenagers are in their growing stage, so when they attempt a detox diet, it poses the risk of unhealthy weight loss and pale looks.

Teens become very bothered about their weight, how they look, and how they fit in and this can as a result of dangerous and unhealthy ‘cleansing drinks’ such as detox diet drinks.

Dangers Of Detox Diets For Teenagers

Parallel to this rise in popularity, controversy has been surrounding this type of eating routine for various reasons.

The main one is that it is a very attractive slimming model both visually and conceptually -juices and smoothies of fruits and vegetables at large but, despite this, it can carry a series of health risks for teens.

How Detox Diets Affect Teenagers

#1. Doctors and nutritionists opposed the application of detoxification regimens for teens because there is pertinent concern about access to this type of diet by adolescents.

In this regard, we must remember that the detox diets most popularized by celebrities from the world of fashion and cinema are precisely quite restrictive diets in which they opt for a diet based solely on vegetables and fruits or even fasting.

#2. Detox food routines are not specifically recommended for teenagers since it is a stage in the life of teenagers in which the body requires a large amount of nutrients, that is, a lot of protein and calories that allow sustained growth and rapid development.

In this way, and for obvious reasons, regimes that include fasting or rigorous food restrictions are not ideal plans for teens.

It must be borne in mind that adolescents often practice sports and physical activities that require an amount of energy that fasting cannot provide in any way.

Dangers Of Detox Diets For Teenagers

#3. Given this case, a sustained increase in the intake of vegetables and fruits is appropriate in a stage as complex as adolescence.

It is more pertinent as long as we are concerned about the diet of this age group to ensure that we obtain all the nutrients necessary for healthy growth such as meat, fish, dairy, or cereals.

Regarding the detoxification issue, we must not forget that the human body already has organs capable of performing this function without the need for external interference.


A Lot of detox diets include extreme kinds of lifestyle which must be considered once in 14 days which is twice monthly.

Also, it is important to note that teens are still growing and may not want to alter any of their growth parameters or nutritional requirements.


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