There are numerous options that, today, are offered to make our lives compatible with detox diets. One of the most recurring has fruit and vegetable juices as the main protagonists. Although there are reasonable medical doubts, some of its defenders claim that these shakes not only help purify the body and leave it free of toxins, but also provide antioxidant qualities and rejuvenating capacity thanks to its high water content and its diuretic action. In this way, we have at our disposal a large quantity of these drinks.

Smoothie juices to combine with a detox diet

  1. Shake to speed up metabolism: It has antioxidant and diuretic properties that supposedly help us burn fat faster and more effectively. Its ingredients are a piece of melon, a small spoonful of ginger, two spoonfuls of honey, a cup with pieces of pineapple, ice and a glass of skimmed milk.
  2. Detox juice to eliminate heavy metals: For its preparation we need products such as two apples, two cups with chopped pineapple, two cucumbers, a lemon without the peel, a small bunch of coriander, six stalks of celery, a small bunch of mint, a romaine lettuce and three chard leaves.
  3. Smoothie juice to lose weight: It is cleansing, detoxifying, antioxidant and provides nutrients such as vitamins B1, B6 and C, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Its ingredients are a liter of mineral water, a cucumber with the skin, a whole celery and a tomato with the skin.
  4. Green detox smoothie: It is an ideal drink to drink in the morning on an empty stomach. We have to have the following products: a banana, a cup with chopped strawberries, a mango, two glasses of water and four chard leaves.
  5. Reducer juice: Drink capable of stimulating renal metabolism, reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood and detoxifying the body. Its ingredients are three glasses of mineral water, three cucumbers and a chopped pineapple.
  6. Citrus detox smoothie: Very simple to prepare, we only need to combine half a liter of water, the juice of an orange, the juice of a lemon, two tablespoons of honey, a chopped red apple, two medium chopped tomatoes and a peeled carrot and minced.


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