The strawberry detox diet is part of the purifying spring eating routines, since it is one of the most outstanding fruits of this time of year.

It is an ideal food around which to pivot a regimen of these characteristics, since it provides beneficial properties for the treatment of obesity, cholesterol control, treatment of fluid retention, reduction of hypertension, liver toning, the hydration of the organism, the treatment of constipation and the activation of antioxidant functions.

How to carry out a strawberry detox diet

  • As a consequence of the high contribution of both nutrients and vitamins that the strawberry makes, this fruit has shown great potential to help our body to deal with situations in which its functioning is not as efficient as it should be.
  • It clearly improves intestinal transit thanks to its high fiber content, it clearly regulates liver function, thus becoming a great ally to cleanse and purify the digestive system of toxins and, in addition, it facilitates the restoration of blood pressure. elevated to normal levels thanks to its low content of both sodium and fat. Thus, the strawberry becomes one of the detox fruits par excellence.
  • Although the strawberry detox diet can manifest itself in different ways, it would be possible to configure a menu as follows: at breakfast strawberry juice, green tea with skim milk and an omelette with one egg; in the middle of the morning a strawberry milkshake with a little skimmed milk; for lunch carrot cream, grilled chicken breast and a handful of strawberries; in the snack a green tea and a toast of integral mold bread; at dinner a vegetable puree, grilled cuttlefish and a bowl of strawberries.
  • It is a fairly balanced strawberry cleansing diet model. However, for groups of women with special needs – pregnant women, the elderly, girls, the sick – its use may not be recommended, so given the detoxification objectives that are intended to be achieved, we recommend prior consultation with a professional specialized in nutrition.


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