As with most miracle diets, the detox diet is a method of losing weight that carries its risks and dangers. In recent years, this type of diet has become popular due to the use made of it by famous people from the world of Hollywood such as Angeline Jolie or Beyonce Knowles. If what you want is to lose a few kilos, the best option is to follow a weight loss plan based on a healthy and balanced diet complemented with some physical exercise.

Know the dangers and risks for the heart of detox diets

  • In principle, detox or detoxification diets have been created to eliminate toxins from the body and are based on fasting or eating certain foods such as vegetables or fruits. The intake of such products does not guarantee at all that such toxins are eliminated, since this function corresponds naturally to organs such as the kidneys or the liver.
  • Some of the side effects of such diets are dehydration, fatigue, or dizziness. If you continue with the detox diet for a couple of weeks, your body will suffer a nutrient deficiency that will lead to a decrease in muscle mass. On top of all this, the detox diet can seriously damage your heart. The risk of suffering a heart attack increases if you decide to continue with the detox diet for a long time. According to some experts, diets that severely restrict calorie intake can lead to loss of heart muscle and serious damage to blood vessels.
  • For all these reasons, experts point out that the detox diet poses a real risk and danger to the heart in the event that the weight-loss treatment is continued. Better opt for a healthy and balanced diet and let the kidneys and liver purify the body naturally.


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