Are you considering trying a juice cleanse or a conventional detox to shed weight or get slimmer? The allure of these diets can be stronger than you think.

Of course, everyone likes eliminating all the toxic substances in their body system, hopefully, to make their body leaner and meaner. But as attractive as detoxing is, it’s also not smart Or healthy.

What does a juice cleanse do to your body? A juice cleanse is a specific type of “detox” drink prepared to help in weight loss and the elimination of toxins from your body.

Although there’s limited study on those possible health benefits. Juice cleanses can result in chronic complications, such as dehydration and kidney issues.

Juice cleanses help increase your consumption of several antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Fruits and vegetables are sources of a wide range of nutrients that help protect against cancer, heart disease, and respiratory disease.

People often utilize juice cleanses as a means to eliminate toxic substances from their bodies and support weight loss.

Some research proves that detox diets help support your body’s natural detoxing methods. The limited available data, however, is flawed and based on a small number of participants.

If you’re considering a juice cleanse for weight loss or a healthy lifestyle, then there are some side effects and benefits you should know about.

This article shares some of the most important juice cleanse health benefits which include swift absorption and enhanced weight loss. Below are the potential benefits of doing a juice cleanse.

Juice Cleanse Benefits

#1. Support the immune system via fasting

When you take strictly juice and avoid solid foods, you’re likely in a fasting state. Fasting has a lot of health benefits, but one of the most obvious ones is immune system rejuvenation.

During fasting where you are only consuming fruit juices and no whole foods, your body begins to deplete glycogen stores which makes you feel better.

#2. Support detoxification

Vegetable juice can help your detox mechanism twofold: by providing antioxidants and nutrients and by fasting.

When you consume only juice during fasting and no solid food intake, just whole fruits, you are permitting your digestive system to take a break. Your body can then focus its energy on eliminating stored toxins rather than metabolizing food.

#3. Improved skin clarity

Juice cleanse for weight loss

Another anecdotal benefit of a juice cleanse (or even just adding more vegetables to your diet) may be the improved appearance of your skin.

This could be due to numerous reasons which include consuming more antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables in your fresh juice.

#4. Fast weight loss

The potential for easy and fast weight loss is a common sales point for juice cleanses. A juice cleanse won’t necessarily make you drop a lot of weight in one week (not that you’d want to anyway!) but many report weight loss as a benefit of juice cleansing.

Calorie restriction and water loss are what causes weight loss during a juice cleanse.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What will a 3-day juice cleanse do?

The 3-day juice cleanses acts by eliminating toxic substances and nourishes the body with essential nutrients that can support the body to repair itself.

The aim is to provide your digestive system the break it requires from having to process solid foods.

#2. Should you try a juice cleanse?

Depending on your medical history, consult your doctor before considering a juice cleanse.

#3. What are the 5 benefits of juicing?

  • Looking and feeling younger,
  • A stronger immune system & better digestion,
  • Helps with the absorption of food,
  • Healthy weight loss,
  • Increased feelings of joy and happiness & a sense of well-being.

what does a juice cleanse do to your body?

Risk Of A Juice Cleanse

#1. The detox diet should not and cannot last more than two days since they do not follow the guidelines for a healthy and balanced diet.

Besides, this type of purifying diet favors the dreaded rebound effect, which will cause you to gain more kilos in the long term than those lost with a poor diet.

#2. When it comes to losing weight, you always have to do it progressively and not suddenly and quickly.

With this, you are only going to get the body to need a series of nutrients that it does not have, which causes you to lose muscle mass and have numerous health problems such as dizziness or headaches.

#3. The most advisable thing when you start a weight loss plan is to eat vegetables in the main dishes and about 3 pieces of fruit a day.

juice cleanse benefits

But apart from these foods, the body must be provided with high-quality proteins that are found in foods prohibited by the detox diet such as meat, fish, or eggs.

If you do not provide nutrients to your body, in the long run, you can suffer from malnutrition and other series of serious problems related to your health.

These are just some of the reasons why most nutrition experts advise against following a detox diet to lose weight because there are few benefits and much damage to the body.


Juice cleanses are not fully understood because they do not usually offer long-term weight loss or wellness solutions. Most professionals will recommend a healthy balanced diet instead.

The evidence to back up the possible health benefits of juicing tends to be anecdotal. There appears to be more evidence suggesting that a juice cleanse can negatively affect the body, for instance, by decreasing kidney function.

Before considering a juice cleanse, people should consult with their doctor to find out if they need to evaluate their juicing plan to protect their overall well-being.


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