With the arrival of summer and the good temperatures, you should lose weight because it’s a priority. It is a time, given to the proliferation of numerous food routines that promise effective weight loss in a very short space of time.

Have you ever felt the need to detox your body system? This article will enlighten you on how to lose weight on a detox diet. You might be wondering how to go about it or how to get started. 

A detox diet involves drinking only fruits and vegetable juices or practicing intermittent fasting for a few days to eliminate toxins and lose weight in the process.

 Your body has natural detox processes that you can support by being physically active, eating nutrient-rich foods, getting plenty of sleep, and staying hydrated.

Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

#1. Cut out sugar and processed foods

When you consume a diet high in sugar and junk foods, these diets require your liver to work harder than it should to metabolize your foods constantly.

How To Lose Weight On A Detox Diet

It has to remove all the excesses and maintain your blood sugar levels. Consume healthy foods so that your liver will be able to work comfortably and efficiently.

#2. Cut Down On Alcohol

The by-products of processing alcohol in the liver are toxic to your body. Hence the liver will prioritize the metabolising of alcohol and the removal of the toxins and toxic waste products processed by the liver.

Intake of too much alcohol can stress or cause damage to your liver and decrease its ability to detoxify.

#3. Stay Hydrated 

When you drink enough water, you are helping your kidneys responsibility to eliminate specific toxins from your body system. 

So staying hydrated is very important for your kidneys to function adequately and detox your body.

#4. Consume Foods Rich In Antioxidants

Eating foods rich in antioxidants supports your body in repairing the damaged cells triggered by aging, pollution, and stress. Consuming a diet high in antioxidants can support the liver to function optimally.

#5. Exercise Daily 

Sweat removes certain toxins from your body, so daily exercise promotes sweating or a sauna bath can aid whole-body detoxification. Ensure to drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

Another good news: most of these routine exercises lead to significant weight loss. Make detox diet and lifestyle modification a tip to support your body’s detoxification function which can potentially result in long-term weight loss.How To Lose Weight On A Detox Diet

This is the case of detox diets and their proposal in a double aspect: weight loss and cleaning of toxins accumulated in the organs that make up the digestive system.

However, as in any fast diet, there is a risk of a rebound effect, so we must pay attention to the diet after the cleansing regimen.

Detox Diet To Lose Weight

#1. Day 1: For breakfast a green tea or red tea with a small spoonful of honey and an apple; in the middle of the morning, a fruit salad or low-fat yogurt and an infusion of cardamom.

For lunch, a cream of leeks with pumpkin, two slices of baked white fish, and an infusion of horsetail with saccharin; at snack time a bowl of strawberries and a cup of green tea.

At dinner a salad of lettuce and pomegranate, a scrambled egg with garlic and mushrooms, and an infusion of ginger.

#2. Day 2: For breakfast a green or red tea with a small spoonful of honey and a cup of chopped mango; in the middle of the morning a grapefruit or a low-fat yogurt and an infusion of horsetail.

For lunch, a salad of escarole, watercress, tomato, and tuna, a vegetable broth, and green tea; at snack a slice of melon and an infusion of horsetail.

How To Lose Weight On A Detox Diet

At dinner a slice of baked salmon, a bowl of steamed broccoli, a handful of sautéed beans, and an infusion of cardamom with a small spoonful of honey.

#3. Day 3: For breakfast a green tea or red tea and a kiwi; in the middle of the morning a bowl with watermelon and a cup of green tea.

For lunch, a bowl of zucchini cream with leeks and celery, a piece of baked white fish, and an infusion of cardamom; in the snack 50 grams of walnuts, low-fat yogurt, and an infusion of ginger.

At dinner a vegetable soup, a salad of peppers, lettuce, and tuna, and an infusion of horsetail with a small spoonful of honey.


Detox diets can promote weight loss in a healthy long-term goal. Certain detox diets can help you lose weight in the short term such as lemon water, ginger water, cucumber, and mint water.

Ensure to consult your healthcare provider before considering a detox diet program. Severe food restrictions can cause nutritional deficiencies, and some detox practices may be harmful for persons having underlying health conditions.

Fortunately, the body has an innate ability to detoxify itself, so all you need to do is make lifestyle modifications.


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